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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hai, I just make new website www.robbysetiadi.com

please join me at my new website.


Robby Setiadi

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What happen today ??

Today i have a very strange day.

Cos it's Valentine ? Noo

Because today i have a test. Hm hard ? it's not that hard if you know ... butttt not from what our prof. gave us. Ok he actually "gave" us the material. But the test is just ... unbelieveable ... even for me ... and the result is 5 from 6 people actually walk out the room .. that including me .. haha ...

Ok face it .. it's not something you see in every test ... not for me anyway ... and it's kinda stupid if that happen. And as the result .. we going to take other test .. the same material "i hope". In next semester. .. We gonna see about that ...

I'll keep posting

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Little pause until next week

Whoa, got some master test in this week. Cannot concentrate in blog for a moment. So I'll study now .. or at least trying .. hehe ..

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Water Fuel Cell (Introduction)

Now we'll talking about water fuel cell. Not because it's the last in my list. But it's have more information in internet that my other projects (website and rfid). Easy to say it's not trivial to say than my other projects.

May be a lot of you have seen the clip from other thread. Ok now what is "Water Fuel Cell" ? And how it's working ? Is there real ?

Let me answer that. It's real from what you seen in other thread. It's a cell using water as the medium. And we'll talking about How it's working after simple story behind that.

At my previous thread, you see the clips from people in usa. From Stanley Meyer and Denny Klein. Actually there's also in Australia, Japan and other country that try to make this cell. In Australia there's "Joe Cell".

It's real "only" from water ? The Answer is "NO"

Ok don't get excited and tell "ok that's fraud". It's using water. But it needs electricity to make it works. It's only need for example car accu. And as you can know car accu is also working with distiller, deionized or demineralized water (after car accu charged it's very acid and dangerous). Water Fuel Cell need to be "electrolyte". Water alone cannot produce something, that's why we need dc current (accu or battery) to make this happen.

H20 is the base from water from this we can split the atom to gas. This gas that's we need. And as simple the sound is. It's the Water Fuel Cell for, to split the H20 to gas.

The H2 gas is dangerous and can cause explosion.

From this gas, we can make almost anything with heat. Car combusion, fire, etc. And the residue is water. If you burn H2 gas it will become H2O. For burning we need O2. Kinda amazing huh ? But it's basic principal from water. And if you make it to H2O2 you can clean almost anything (it's rather acid), and flush it with water and you'll got only H2O at the end.

It's the same with car accu ? No

The main different is you need special water for accu. And for this Water Cell you can give any kind of water, but it's better if you give a clear water or mixed with salt, vinegar, baking soda. We can mixed water for better electrolyte, but don't to much about 20 part water (1/20) or less.

So why I never heard this before ? I dunno, the same question goes for me.

I'll tell you more about this Water Fuel Cell in other Thread. And how it's really work. And the patent for this WFC. 

There's also some people that sell the white paper like this Click Here!